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10 Fast Fingers Speed Test
ABC Jumpers
Alphabet Keyboard Poem
Alpha Munchies
Alpha Typing Games
Big Brown Bear
Bubbles Typing Game
Computer Ergonomics for Children
Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School Students
Computer Related Repetitive Stress Injuries
Cup Stacking Game
Dance Mat Typing
Easy Typing Games
e-Learning for Kids
The Ergonomics of Typing: Position, Posture and Place
Fearless Frieda
Find the Letter
Finger Exercises for Typing
Finger Placement
Free Typing Games
Good Typing
The Herzog System of Computer Keyboarding
How to Type With One Hand
Keyboard Blank
Keyboard Challenge
Keyboard Climber
Keyboarding Chart
Keyboarding Chart in Color
Keyboarding Drills
Keyboarding Essentials
Keyboarding Games for Kids
Keyboarding Instruction and Practice
Keyboarding Patterns
Keyboarding Word Search
Keyboard Pumpkin
Keyboard Rhyme
Keyboard Zoo
Key Bricks
Key Krusher
Key Seeker
Launch Code
Learn 2 Type for Kids
Learn Keyboarding
Learn to Type
Mac Keyboard and Keyboard Shortcuts PDF
Magic Library
Marcelino's Letters
Martian City Defender
Meteor Typing Blast
Mr. Kent's Typing Test
My Typing Games
Nitro Type
Online Keyboarding with Video Lessons
Outerspace Fleet Commander
Peter's Online Typing Course
Power Typing
Printable Blank Keyboard
Printable Blank Keyboard Test
Printable Keyboard
Printable Mac Keyboards and Shortcuts
Quick Typing Practice
QWERTY Warriors II
Rapid Typing Music Game
Rapid Typing Zone
Save the Saiboat Race
Sheep Game
Slime Kids Typing Games
Snail Invasion
Snow Typer
Spacebar Invaders
Speed Typing
Spelling Bee
Super Hyper Spider Typer
Text Type
Timed Typing Test
Touch Typing
Type Hero
Type Online
Typer Shark
Type the Alphabet
Typing Adventure
Typing Chef
Typing Club
Typing Exercise
Typing Game
Typing Games: Fun
Typing Master
The Typing of the Ghosts
The Typing Playground
Typing Test
Typing Tidepool
Typing Tutor
Typing Web
Up Beat
Web Solutions for Improving Typing Skills
Why Learn Keyboarding
Windows Keyboard PDF
Wizard Typing

Online Safety


6 Steps to Fight Successfully Against Cyber Bullying
11 Facts About Cyber Bullying
ABC's of Cyber Bullying
The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin
Are You Cyber Bully Savvy?
Bad Guy Patrol
Budd:e Cybersecurity Education
Captain Kara and Winston's SMART Adventure
Carnegie Cyber Academy
Chat Danger
Co-Co's AdverSmarts: An Interactive Unit on Food Marketing on the Web
Common Sense with Phineas and Ferb
Cyberbullies are No Fun!
Cyberbullying Info
Cyberbullying for Girls
Cyberbullying from Digital Passport
Cyberbullying Quiz
Cyber Café
Cyber Five
CyberNetiquette Comix
Cyber Quoll
Cyber Safety Interactive Infographic
Dealing with Cyberbullying
Digital Citizenship Posters
Digital Passport
Disney Safe Surfing
Friend Finder Game
Faux Paw, the Techno Cat
Firewall Game
Garfield Cyberbullying
Hector's World
Idea Seekers
Iggey and Rasper
Internet Safety for Kids K-3
Internet Safety Posters
Jo Cool or Jo Fool
KB's First Day
Kids' Rules for Online Safety
Netiquette for Kids
NetSafe Utah
Nick Online Safety Guide
Privacy Pirates
Privacy Playground
Rules for Kids for Online Living
Safe Kids
Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge
Safe Surfing with Doug
Safety Land
STOP Cyberbullying
Stop, Block, and Tell
Surfswell Island
Tad's Profile Panic
Think U Know
Video and Media
Web License
Webonauts Internet Academy
Who Are Your Online Friends?



Be Funky Photo Editing
Big Huge Labs
Digital Camera Reviews
Image Chef
iPiccy Photo Editing
Kodak Tips and Projects Center
Learning about Digital Pictures
PD Photo
Photography for Kids--Composition Rules Video Guide
PicMonkey Photo Editing
Ribbet! Photo Editing
Short Courses in Digital Photography

Send Greetings to Friends


123 Greetings
Alaska Wildcard
Blue Mountain
Flash Greeting Cards
Friendship Day Cards
Geo Greeting
Hallmark E-Cards
Jan Brett Postcards
Mail Just 4 Me
Scenic E-Cards
Virtual Flowers



3D Dictionary
20 Techie Problems Every Student Can Fix
1950's Museum
ABC's of Web Literacy
The Animated Internet
Animation for Kids
Animation Station
Answers for Young People--Tim Berners-Lee
AppleWorks Tutorial
Arthur's Computer Disaster
Audrey's Virtual Computer Lab
Avast Antivirus
AVG Free Antivirus
Avoiding Plagiarism
Basic Computer Components Video
Behind the Web
Being Creative with a Word Processor
Betty's Netiquette Quiz
Binary Information
Binary Numbers
Booker's Computer
The Boolean Machine
A Brief History of the Computer
Burton's Computer
Carmen's Computer
Charles Babbage Institute
CARS Method for Evaluating Web Sites
Children's Creativity Museum
Citation Machine
Click Speed
Cloud Computing - How it all works
Coley Cast
Communications and Computing
Computer Alphabet
Computer Basics Quiz
Computer Dictionary
Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School
Computer Glossary
Computer Hangman
Computer History
Computer History Museum
Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults
Computer Input and Output Devices
Computer Parts Games
Computer Parts Hangman
Computer Parts Jigsaw Puzzle
Computer Parts Rags to Riches
Computer Parts with Icons
Computer Parts Worksheet
Computers: From the Past to the Present
Computers Inside and Out
Computers Simplified
Computer Terms
Computer Tour
Computer Viruses
Connected Earth
Copyright in an Electronic Environment
Copyright Kids
Copyright Questions
Create My Picture
Critical Evaluation of a Web Site
Domo Animate
Doppel Me
Dot What!?
Evaluation Criteria for Websites
Everything Computers
Fluxtime Animation Studio
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
Find it on the Internet
Find the Technology
The Five W's of Website Evaluation Poster
Four NETS for Better Searching
Free Mac Fonts
Gamestar Mechanic
GCF LearnFree
Giant Hello
The Good Computer Podcast
Good Computer Kids Videos on YouTube
Google Maps and Street View Video
Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
Growing with Technology
Have You Got a Virus?
High Tech Kids
Hoax or Not?
Housecall Antivirus
How Computers Work Video
How Do Computers Work?
How PCs Work
How the Internet Works Video
How Search Works Video
How To
How to Avoid Plagiarism
How to Identify A Fake Site
How to Make Video Projects for School
How We Create a Coley Cast
HP Creative Studio
An Illustrated History of Computers
I Made It. I Own It. Please Don't Steal It.
Information Pioneers
Internet 101
Internet and E-mail
Internet Basics Bee
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
The Journey Inside
J.T. and Rita's Totally Awesome and Also Fun Show
Katie's Room
Kid Friday
Kids and Computers
Kids Guide to the Internet
Learning to use Macintosh OS X Most Effectively
Learn Scratch
Let's Get Digital
The Machine That Changed the World
Made With Code
Make Beliefs Comix
Making it Happen
Match the Computer Parts to Their Names
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Computer Literacy Lessons
Maze Coding Hour Tutorial
Meet Me at the Corner
Microsoft Word Tutorials
Misinformation--Truth or Spoof
MIT App Inventor
Mouse Program
Mousing Around
Mrs. Sterling's Word Pad
My Computer Mouse
NASA @ Home and City
Net Lingo
NET Standards
New User Tutorial
Online Shorthand
Open Office
Our ABC Blook on Blogging
Panda Online Scan
Parts of a Computer
Parts of a Computer Quizlet
Permission Forms
Plagiarism Game
Powerpoint in the Classroom
Practically Networked
Professor Garfield's Comics Lab
Puter Bugs
QR Codes Video
Radio WillowWeb
Recycle and Reuse
Ribbon Hero 2
Riverdeep Software Demos
Room 208 Podcasts
Royalty Free Music
School is in: 7 Computer Security Tips for Students
Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips
Scratch Lessons
Smileys and Emoticons
Soundation Studio
Squeakland: Home of Squeak Etoys
Tech Museum of Innovation
The TCP/IP Guide
Technology Alphabet
Technology at Home Activity
Technology Timeline
Text Layout
Things We Wear
Tidy the Classroom
Timeline of Computer History
The Top 5 Myths About Downloading Internet Music
Triumph of the Nerds
Truth or Spoof?
Turtle Art
Typography Basics
UNIVAC: the troubled life of America's first computer
Use the Mouse
Using Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Word
Using the Scroll Bar
Using the Web
The Video Game Revolution
Webcam Toy
Web Site Quality
Websites: Which Ones Should You Trust?
Welcome to the Web
What I Learned About Being a Copy-Cat
What Is?
What is a Pixel?
What Is Plagiarism?
Word Mosaic
World Wide Web
You Quote It, You Note It!
Zimmer Twins
Zone Alarm

Web Design

To locate a particular topic, click on the shell to the left
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Absolute Background Textures Archive
Animation Playhouse
Annies World of GIFS
ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio
Big Foto
Cepolina Photos
Classroom Clipart
Clip Art Gallery
Cool Archive
DK Clipart
Free Clipart for Quilting and Sewing
Free Foto
Graphic Garden
Graphics by Ruth and Chantelle
Holiday Clip Art
JAC Clipart Archive
Kidzpage ClipArt
Lee Hansen Graphics
Lisa Konrad at Animation Arthouse
Phillip Martin Clip Art
Moons Stars
Morgue File
My Imager
Noetic Art
Open Clip Art
School Icons Club
Sevenoaks Art
Smithsonian Wild
Teacher Files

Other Resources
0 to 255
Boogie Jack's Web Depot
Code Brain
Color Hex
Countdown Timer With Animations
Color Picker
Dynamic Drive
Dynamic Web Coding
Effect Maker
Find Sounds
Freeplay Music
Freeware Java
HTML Colors
Masscot Internet
Moonfruit Free Website Builder
Portal Depot
Royalty Free Background Music
The Site Wizard
Sound Effects
WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
Web Color Palette
Web Developer's Virtual Library

Graphic Converter
Rapid Weaver

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Build Your Own Webpage
Code Avengers
CSS Tricks
CSS Tutorial
Flash Kit
HTML Basics for Kids
HTML Code Tutorial
HTML Interactive Tutorial
Kirupa Flash and ActionScript Tutorials
Learning HTML for Kids
Learning to Publish
Lissa Explains it All
Planet Photoshop
Scan Tips
Wanda Wigglebits

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