Fantastic Fractions

I am confident about comparing fractions whether or not they have like denominators. I would like to review the basics of fractions by watching a video at Brain Pop Jr.* I'd like to place fractions in order. I want to play a game that will help me compare fractions by giving me pictures. I love music and want to see how fractions are used in music.
I'd like to learn more about Mixed Numbers by viewing a video at Brain Pop.* I would like to play a game to try to recognize which fraction is different from the others. I think that working with virtual manipulative fraction pieces would help me better understand fractions. I want to listen to a song about equivalent fractions. I'd like to practice some fraction skills with an interactive online tutorial.
I'd like to do a word search with fraction vocabulary. I am interested in finding out how the ancient Egyptians used fractions. I want to design a fraction flag. I'm ready for a challenging problem using fractions in a recipe. I'd like to play a jeopardy game that links fractions, decimals, and percents.
I would like to play a game with fractions and equivalent decimals. I'd like an activity that works on fractions as part of a group. I'd like to identify and make equivalent fractions in an E-Lab. I'd like to compare fractions and percents. I think that working with fraction rods can help me learn about comparing fractions.
I'd like to play bingo with equivalent fractions. I'd like to play a game about converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. I would like to play a quick game involving subtraction of fractions. I want to know how fractions are used in everyday life. I'd like to practice adding fractions with unlike denominators.

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*Note: Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. require log-in and password, but free trial account is available for Brain Pop.

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