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15 Awesome Architecture Books for Kids
18 Cool Examples of Architecture for Kids
The 31 Tallest Buildings in the World
35 Stunning Examples of Lego Architecture
Ancient and Classical Architecture
Ancient Chinese Architecture
Ancient Roman Architecture
Architect Studio 3D
Architecture Adventure
Architecture and Design at MoMA
Architecture and Interior Design for 20th Century America
Architecture Books for Children
Architecture Facts for Kids
Architecture Lesson Plans
Asian Architecture
Avoid Obvious Architects
Barcelona Gaudí Architecture
Blakesley Hall
Buddhist Art and Architecture
Build a Bridge
Building and Structure Galleries
Building Big
Building Material Scavenger Hunt
Buildings in Children's Books
The Changing of the Avant-Garde
Chinese Architecture
Classical Orders of Architecture
Dazzling Elements of Ancient Islamic Architecture We Still See Today
Famous Buildings and Structures
Antoni Gaudi
The Gothic Field Guide
Great Buildings of Ancient Rome
Home Designing
Houses and Homes
How Romans Built Their Houses
Islamic Architecture
Kids Think Design
Loads Lab
Mankind's Greatest Architectural Achievements Since Prehistory
Medieval Art and Architecture
Modern Architecture
Julia Morgan
Julia Morgan: The Woman Behind the Hearst Castle
Resources to Learn about World Architecture for Kids
Skyscraper Challenge
Structure Images
Tall Buildings
Tallest Buildings
Top 33 World's Strangest Buildings
Tudor Buildings
Victorian Architecture
World's Tallest Buildings
Frank Lloyd Wright
Yin Yu Tang



80 Examples of Alphabet Artwork
Aboriginal Art from Australia
Access Art
Adinkra in Ntonso-Ashanti, Ghana
Adinkra Symbols
Adinkra Symbols and Meanings
African-American Artists
All Creatures Great and Small: Inspecting Insects in Art
American Art Museum
Animation Station
Art and Artists
Art and Life in Africa
The Artchive
Art Detective
Art For Kids Hub
Art Gallery
Art Games
Art Glossary and Terms
Art Institute of Chicago
Art Is Fun
Arts of the Americas
Artist's Footsteps
Art: Packing Three Dimensions into Two
Art Pad
Julian Beever
Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
Body Proportions in Art
Bright Ring Art Activities
British Origami Society
Dale Chihuly
Color Theory
Color with Leo
Create Your Own Adinkra Cloth
Creative Arts
The Dancers and Degas
Degas The Dance Lesson
Denver Art Museum
Design Your Own Hex Sign
Destination Modern Art
Deviant Art MURO
Doodle 4 Google
The Dot Song
Drawing How to Draw
Draw Island
Draw Your World
Elephant Art
M.C. Escher
Fabergé Art
The Figure Drawing Lab
Fireworks of Glass
The Getty
Giverny and Impressionism
Global Children's Art Gallery
Glossary of Art Terms
Google Art Project
Graffiti Creator
Guggenheim Museum
Haring Kids
History of Ashanti Kente Cloth
How to Become a Costume Designer
How to Draw Funny Cartoons
Huichol Symbols
Huichol Yarn Paintings
The Imagination Factory
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Inside Art
Jinta Desert Art
Kaikodo Asian Art
Kern Type
Kids' Art Quick Art Lessons
Kinder Art
Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
Learn How to Draw With Gary Harbo!
Learning How to Draw
Let's Make Origami
Magritte Museum
Matisse Cut-Outs
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The Mondrian Machine
Monet and the Impressionists for Kids
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The National Center of Afro-American Artists
National Gallery of Art
National Museum of African Art
National Museum of Mexican Art
National Museum of Wildlife Art
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Origami Club
Origami Fun
Origami Resource Center
Oudry's Painted Menagerie
Pencil Madness
Jackson Pollock
Ready, Set Draw-ish!
The Rembrandt House Museum
Robert J. Lang Origami
Sculpture and Collage Lessons
Seattle Art Museum
Shape Type
Show Me
Sidewalk Chalk
Sketch n Paint
Smart Museum of Art
Starry Night
Starry Night Art for Kids Video
Sumo Paint
Tate Kids
This Day in History
This Is Sand
Timeline of Art History
Tux Paint
UC Berkeley Art Museum
Diego Valázquez
Virtual Leonardo
Visual Arts Glossary
Web Museum
Who is Vincent Van Gogh?
World Myths and Legends in Art
The World of Calli and Graphy



Artopia Dance
Ballet Dictionary
Boston Ballet
Dance Notes
Dances of the World
Dance Spirit
Isadora Duncan
First Positions
Free to Dance
Martha Graham
The Healthy Dancer
Hip-Hop Dance Moves
How to Do the Chicken Dance
Irish Dance
Jake the Ballet Dog
Learn to Dance
Let's Dance Latin Style
Lord of the Dance
National Dance Institute
The Nutcracker Ballet
Philadelphia Ballet
Pilobus Shadowland Video
The Rockettes
Tap Dance
Tap Dancing
World Cultural Dance


trebel clefnotes

10 Easy-to-Make Homemade Musical Instruments
20 Favorite Campfire Songs for Kids
African-American Band Music
African Music
American Roots Music
Artopia Music
Arts Alive
Baroque Music
Ludwig van Beethoven's Website
Berlioz the BearBR>Big Ears
Blue Man Group
Broadway: The American Musical
BSO Kids
Bus Songs
Campfire Songbook
Jake Chenier
Children's Music Web
Children's Music Workshop
Chordbook Guitar Chords
Classics for Kids
Classical Composer Biographies
Composer Biographies
Counting Music
Creating Music
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers
Elvis Presley
Explore Kids in Music History
Fats Waller
Flannery Brothers
Folk Music
Folksongs of the World
Ben Franklin's Armonica
Free Kids Music
From the Top
Genre Sampler
George and Ira Gershwin
Get the Math
The Glass Armonica
Glossary of Music Terms
Go Classical
Good Vibrations
Guide to the Orchestra
Gullah Music
Jack Hartmann
Hey Kids, Meet the Composer
History of Music
Homemade Drums and Percussion
Homemade Musical Instruments
House of Sound Videos
How Brass Instruments Work
How Woodwind Instruments Work
How Woodwinds Work
I Hear America Singing
Illustrated Music Dictionary of Musical Terms, Famous Composers, and Performers
Instruments of the Orchestra
Interactive Online Guitar
Interactive Recorder Fingering
Interactive Recorder Fingering Chart
Introduction to Reading Music
Jake the Philharmonic Dog
Jazz Artist Biographies for Kids
Jazz for Young People
K8 Kid Tunes
Kids Music Corner
Kids Orchestra Movie
Kids' Songs Around the World
Learn About Instruments
Lines and Spaces of the Treble Clef
Manuscript Paper
Math and Music
Cheryl Melody
Mozart vs Beethoven
The Mozart Project
Mozart's Magic Flute
MP3 for Kidz
Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments for Kids to Know
Musical Mystery
Music Express Magazine
Music for the Nation
Music Kit
Music Quizzes, Games, and Help with Music
National Music Museum
New England Music Camp
New York Philharmonic
Note Trainer
Online Piano
Online Songbook
The Orchestra Games and Activities
Orchestral Instruments
Oregon Symphony
PBS Kids Music
Perfect Pitch
Peter and the Wolf
Piano Nanny
Playing Fraction Pies
Putamayo World Music
Radio Africa
Reggae Roots
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
San Francisco Symphony
The Science of Music
Scribble Monster
Silly Camp Songs
Singing Games for Children
Song Maker
Songs for Kids
John Philip Sousa
Sphinx Kids
Nancy Stewart
Tanglewood for Kids
This Day in Music History
Treble Clef Lines and Spaces
Tuning Up
Types of Music
Violin Masterclass
The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions
Walkin' Jim Stoltz
Wee Sing
Wild Symphony
Wintergatan - Marble Machine
The Woodwind Fingering Guide
A World of Music
Young Composers
The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra


stage curtain

American Variety Stage
Ancient Greek Theatre
Artopia Theater
Association of Theater for Children
The Best Plays for Kids in New York City
Bits 'N Pieces Puppet Theatre
Center for Puppetry Arts
Changing Stages
Child Drama
Children's Theatre on Cape Cod
Children's Theatre Plays
Classic Acts
Costume Design
Costume Design: Definition, History and Process
Costume Designer
The Costume Page
Disney on Broadway
Drama Literary Terms
Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater
English Theater
Hobart Shakespeareans
Inside the Theater
Japanese Noh Masks
Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia
Playing Shakespeare
Playing with Shadows
Puppets and Puppet Performance
Shakespeare for Kids
Tanglewood Marionettes
Traditional Performing Arts in Japan
Traveling Lantern
Young Playwrights
Young Playwrights' Theater

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